Video: ‘Exodus’ x Make Love Live @ UCLA – Rhymefest

Rhymefest performing a new joint Exodus accapella off his upcoming album El Che. This video is like 3 days old, so i’m a little late on it, but my feeling is that most of you havent seen it yet anyway.

Bonus: Exodus Live @ UCLA – Rhymefest (Audio)


Some how I missed this while I was putting up the other video.. Oh well.

Shout out to Always Hustle for the audio.


Week In Review: Mixtape Edition


Alright so this week was a little hectic over here with me being on My Quest and S² holdin it down alone all week.. But this week was also a hype week for good music especially on the Mixtape side of things.. So in case you missed these I-Pod Essentials I’m comin with the re-up to serve you three cats you will be seeing/hearing about in the near future

Download: The Mixtape About Nothing – Wale (Stream)

DOWNLOAD: A Tribe Called Fresh (Mixtape) – Daytona

Download: 12 Minute Mixtape – J.A.M.E.S. Watts (Via J.A.M.E.S.)