Juan Epstein 21 (6-1-08)

Sorry for the delay, but here’s Juan Epstein with a special interview with The Kid Daytona. We talk about dick head bouncers, approaching woman, and of course The Kid Daytona’s new mixtape “A Tribe Called Fresh”.

The boys are back again, My man Morph put me on these guys and its pretty funny. For those that don’t know; Juan Ep is just DJ Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg shooting the shit and randomly arguing (It happens alot). I hate to admit it but I never make it through a whole episode… Check it out.

Juan Epstein Episode 21 (6-1-08)

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Video: Lollipop Remix Live @ Summer Jam – Kanye & Weasel

This is really the only video that interested me seeing as this is the remix of the year. You want more Summer Jam footage? Hit up my man Legend @ OS


Kanye spits a doooope ass verse on this “freestyle”
LMFAO @ “I’d rather push something German, I’m lookin’ for a sweetest bitch that I could put my sperm in.”

Bonus Bonus:
2008 Summer Jam Freestyle – Kanye West (AUDIO)