Time For Some Action x Anti Matter x Yeah You – N.E.R.D.

Holy shit, I go over to Shake‘s place and I find some new N.E.R.D shit, by now you guys probably know that this shit is on mad repeat. According to the snippets, this is the 2nd on the tracklisting, but it sounds like the intro is connect to the beginning. I can’t wait to hear Seeing Sounds in its entirety. EDIT: Anti Matter has leaked as well. The leak should be coming soon, but if thats what your looking for then you won’t find the whole thing here. Check out some of our affiliates. EDIT: WTF another leak!? where the fuck is it? haha Props to DJ EMI for Yeah You.

Time For Some Action – N.E.R.D.
Anti Matter – N.E.R.D.
Yeah You – N.E.R.D.

Seeing Sounds drops June 10, Go get that!

Acoustic Atmosphere

I must say, I’ve become a pretty big fan of Atmosphere. For those that don’t know Atmosphere consists of Slug (The MC) and Ant (The DJ), they recently put out an album called When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold.. Slug recently did an acoustic set of 3 songs for a radio station. Two of which are off their latest album and the other one is off an upcoming summer EP.

You (Acoustic) – Atmosphere
Guarentees (Acoustic) – Atmosphere
Not Another Day (Acoustic) – Atmosphere

Shouts to JD.

This weeks leak…

“Now your stuck in The Matrix, Morpheus can rap”

Red or green pill. You choose… Or do you have to? This weeks leak I’ve decided to release 2 of everything. So before you today, I have 2 songs and 2 interviews for ya’ll to check out. The first song I’mgoing to leak is the original version of Rockin N Rollin’. This is theversion I perform on stage. Get it right, Precize produced this joint. Rockin N Rolling Produced by Precize

Rockin’ & Rollin – Mickey Factz

The second song is called The 6 Letter Word. With all the current backand forth about the use of the word “nigger”, I wanted to give myopinion. Jet Audio from Queens produced it. Also look out for JetAudio’s debut project called “Truly Yours”. The 6 Letter Word Produced By Jet Audio

The 6 Letter Word – Mickey Factz

This week Mickey decided to drop a bunch of leak goodness on us, 2 tracks, 2 interviews; dude is on his grind!
Below are the 2 interviews:

READ: Greed Mag Interview
READ: Pinboard: Get to know the Factz.

The Achievement EP coming soon!