This weeks leak…

“Now your stuck in The Matrix, Morpheus can rap”

Red or green pill. You choose… Or do you have to? This weeks leak I’ve decided to release 2 of everything. So before you today, I have 2 songs and 2 interviews for ya’ll to check out. The first song I’mgoing to leak is the original version of Rockin N Rollin’. This is theversion I perform on stage. Get it right, Precize produced this joint. Rockin N Rolling Produced by Precize

Rockin’ & Rollin – Mickey Factz

The second song is called The 6 Letter Word. With all the current backand forth about the use of the word “nigger”, I wanted to give myopinion. Jet Audio from Queens produced it. Also look out for JetAudio’s debut project called “Truly Yours”. The 6 Letter Word Produced By Jet Audio

The 6 Letter Word – Mickey Factz

This week Mickey decided to drop a bunch of leak goodness on us, 2 tracks, 2 interviews; dude is on his grind!
Below are the 2 interviews:

READ: Greed Mag Interview
READ: Pinboard: Get to know the Factz.

The Achievement EP coming soon!

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