Zo! & Tigallo Love The 80’s: Artwork x Leaks

For those that don’t know, Zo! & Tigallo Love The 80’s (click for album artwork) is an album that consists of covers of R&B and pop songs from the 80’s by Detroit’s Zo! and Little Brother’s Phonte. Zo! & Tigallo Love The 80’s will only be pressing 2,500 copies of this album so be quick to get that. For those that aren’t quick enough be sure that bootleggers will have your back. Here are a couple of the tracks that have leaked thus far:

Take On Me (Ft. Carlitta Durand) – Zo! & Tigallo / Original
Africa – Zo! & Tigallo / Original
Steppin’ Out – Zo! & Tigallo / Original

My parents are 80’s heads, so naturally I know what these are covers of, but for those that need to be educated, I’ve added the originals. Haha, my mom’s gonna love this shit.

Props to Shake for audio and the cover.