Manic At THe Disco – Danny!

It’s been sofa king long since we’ve heard anything solo from Danny Swain so why not bring you the latest from dude off of his upcoming Def Jux release, Where Is Danny? I feel I need to spread that it’s looking like Danny is gonna be on Drake’s debut, Thank Me Later, as told on a recent post on Danny’s website which can be read after the jump…

Download: Manic At The Disco – Danny!

More after the jump…

July 7, 2009: After rumors swirled for the better half of 2009, it was finally confirmed this week that Danny! would indeed be appearing on the debut album of Canadian rapper Drake. According to the official blog of Hip-Hop Since 1978, the management firm responsible for the careers of Drake, Kanye West and Li’l Wayne, “[Drake] is in the beginning stages of recording his major label debut, tentatively titled “Thank Me Later”, which is projected to be released late 2009. The album is slated to include guest appearances by acts such as Kanye West, Li’l Wayne, Trey Songz, Danny! and others”.

The two MCs have been in an alliance since early 2007, when conflicting schedules prevented an appearance by Danny! on Drake’s mixtape “Comeback Season”. Recently the Definitive Jux superstar performed with Drake at The Loft in midtown Atlanta, as reported by the Smoking Section.

The newly-signed Young Money artist will be linking up with Danny! in the coming weeks for the highly-anticipated collaboration. No word yet on whether Danny! will be contributing both production and lyrics, or just a guest verse. Click HERE to read the original article as published by the Hip-Hop Since 1978 management team.


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