In Search Of… – Hiroller

I’d like to say what up to the homie Hiroller for sending this through, the guy is super dope and I suggest you stop sleeping immediately. The Premonition drops August 4th.

Today, I wanted to showcase my songwriting skills a bit. About a year ago, I was introduced to director Zeke Zelker thru a co-worker(yes I have a day job). Zeke is an upcoming director and at the time was in the final stages of production for a movie entitled “In search Of..“. The movie had a strong message about sex and it’s consequences which I was really drawn to. Zeke asked if I would put together a song that could possibly be used for the movie and I came up with the song that I present to you today. The song really paints a picture for you. The 3rd verse is actually like a synopsis of the film. The best part about the whole thing is when I was writing the song I hadn’t seen the movie yet. This is the mind of Hiroller working here. Enjoy and due remember “The Premonition” will be out August 4th!!!!

Download: In Search Of… – Hiroller


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