Read: Kanye West’s 10 Best Scene-Stealing Guest Verses

Rappers have always been quick to put Kanye West on a song. Early on some probably did it as a means to getting one of his beats. Later, maybe ’cause he was a nice guy. Then, obviously, it was because he was a superstar and selling point. But we always secretly thought a part of it was that these rappers, competitive as they are, just didn’t feel threatened by ‘Ye, lyrically. Take Jay-Z, for example, who just threw out Run This Town, the new single off Blueprint 3 featuring none other than Kanye West. Well guess what, Big Homie? Lil bro here fucked around and murdered you on your own shit!

I’m not gonna say I completely agree with ALL of these, but for the most part a guest feature from Kanye is asking for a Renegade… Sidebar: You know I had to use a picture with Morph’s favorite, Amber Rose.

Morph: Those slum village remarks are reckless as F*ck but I would agree with pretty much all of that list minus Ye’ killing Hov on his own shit… um did you hear that 2nd verse
“Please follow the leader so Eric B we are Micophone fiend so it the return the God”
they may need to get off his dick no homo

Read: Kanye West’s 10 Best Scene-Stealing Guest Verses


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