Mixtape: The Premonition – Hiroller

My boy Hiroller sent this through yesterday but for whatever reason I couldn’t get it up (pause) until today, peep what dude had to say…

Today is an extremely important day for me not only do I release my 3rd mixtape “The Premonition” but I get a fresh start. For those of you who visited my website you know that I have been releasing music for some time now. I’ve always felt like I had the talent to get to where I need to be and it was only a matter of time before I got there. This mixtape was created with that in mind.
I wanted to introduce myself but in an awkward way. The concept of “The Premonition” is that I’m dreaming of getting a record contract. I had to really make it a dream so I purposely twisted the lyrics in a unique way because when you dream everything doesn’t happen perfect its scattered. I also kept in mind that this was a mixtape so an abundance of punchlines was a must simply so that the listener could say entertained throughout. The beat choices were based upon the fact that i love Hip-Hop from the “Golden era”. It also takes me back to the musicial space of my first mixtape in 06 which in the end symbolizes a new beginning for me today.
As far as putting it together I knew I had to do skits inorder for the tape to be cohesive and have glue. I also feel like the skit is a lost art in Hip-Hop today. So if I can help bring that back then that’s what I’m gonna do with all of my projects. So I got some friends together and in the tradition of classic hip-hop albums of the past we created some skits that would help carry the albums concept.
In the end we have “The Premonition” which is in my own words an audio film but I’ll let you guys be the judge. Thanks for all of the support and it’s doesn’t stop here this is the beginning. Thanks again!!!!

Download x Tracklist x Artwork after the jump…

Download: The Premonition (Mixtape) – Hiroller


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