Dope or Nope: Tec Diamonds

We’ve never done this kinda thing on these parts but a persistent manager and several co-signs have brought me to this.

Tec Diamonds is outta New York and was signed to Ruff Ryders back in the day has co-signs from Snoop Dogg, Fabolous, Swizz Beatz, Foxy Brown, Just Blaze, Saigon, Joe Budden, Freekey Zekey, JR Writer, and more

Give it a spin and let us know what you think




16 thoughts on “Dope or Nope: Tec Diamonds

  1. never heard of dude before, listening to him i thought he was black until i looked at the picture. this could be interesting, i will be keeping my eyes out for this guy to see what happens.

  2. looks and sounds like a white camron or fabolous.
    with the right label and marketing he could sell a million records easily.
    if you like punchlines and that new york street shit youll like this tape

    new york stand up!

  3. Honestly the guy is cheesy as hell and this posts above me sound manufactured I mean is it a conincidence the 1st 3 positive ones are 20min apart. And the I thought he was black comment?! How the pic comes before the music!!

    I usually rock with you guys but please don’t go this route

    • “i mean is it a coinsedence the 1st 3 positive ones are 20mins apart”….. isnt it a coinsedence the only 3 negative ones are 20 min apart???? look at that… 5:20…5:40…:550… hmmm??? coinsedence too huh????

  4. @Seriously

    “I usually rock with you guys but please don’t go this route”

    agreed.. this dude looks like a hardcore vanilla ice. his flow, lyrics, all amature… bottom line wack

  5. if you like real street shit and you like new york shit then youll fuck with this… if you like the tight jean big shoe small t shirt nerd shit u wont

  6. im only giving my input cus i see so many comments lol. bottom line is homeboy is nice, cant deny that. if you say hes wack your a hater plain and simple! im only at track 14 and skimming, but thats my input..

  7. geez i haven’t seen this many comments on a post in a while on this site, i think this dude has some qouteable stuff. good beat choices, and offical co-signs. definitely DOPE

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