An H2G Post: Tony Starks aka Ghostdini The Wizard of Poetry

Vodpod videos no longer available.

While you can catch Ghostface dropping more gems (how to tell if your braud is cheating on you) on you via the 4th installment of Wizdom of The Week, you can grab the last three leaks from Ghost’s upcoming album, Wizard of Poetry below as well as another NSFW trailer for Ghost’s Stapleton Sex video and an interview homeboy did with RadioPlanetTV.

Download: Not Ur Average Girl – Ghostface Killah
Download: Guest House (Ft. Fabolous & Shareefa) – Ghostface Killah
Download: Let’s Stop Playin (Ft. John Legend) – Ghostface Killah

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Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

Of course interviews from Ghostface Killah are always entertaining, but guaranteed, you haven’t seen an interview from Tony Starks quite like this! In a lively round of conversation, Ghost spoke with DJ Whoo Kid and Mandog about several compelling topics, from a Wu-Tang reunion and being locked out of countries, to pimp slap rehab and taking risks without condoms.

Why did The Dream front on Ghost for his album? How did R.Kelly inspire him? What happened to the hawk? What about the mask? Who is he closest with in the Wu? How does he feel about T-Pain’s “Big Ass Chain”? What is Ghost’s advice for Chris Brown? Who are the Killer Wasps and why does Whoo Kid want them?


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