Roc Raida Tribute Mix – DJ Premier

After hearing DJ Eclipse going in for one of the GOATs, the DJ Premier blog brings us the tribute mix Preem dropped in memory of DJ Roc Raida…

As we all know about Roc Raida’s tragic passing last week, I could only do a tribute on my blog to honor him as a fan. Last night DJ Premier did his part. As a friend and as a pioneer. Of course I couldn’t let the people in the dark by not premiering it, so here we have another exclusive on the internet. Premo did his thing and remember this is for free, do not try to bootleg it for cash. I still got the MJ Tribute in the back of my head. Have fun and salute Grandmaster Roc Raida with DJ Premier and Panchi in the next hour, hip hop is life.

Download: Roc Raida Tribute Mix – DJ Premier

The Halftime Show (DJ Roc Raida Tribute Set) – DJ Eclipse

R.I.P to one of the greatest to ever do it…

On Sunday night I threw together a short Roc Raida tribute set at the beginning of my Sirius show. On Monday night Premier and I held our monthly “Like They Used To Say” party at APT which we dedicated to Roc Raida and were able to raise over $4,000 for his family. On Wednesday night I wanted to do a proper tribute show so I contemplated on what to do. As I compiled every song I could that Raida was featured on (production or scratches) I thought it would be better to reach out to his friends and get their take on what the man meant to them. What started out as a dozen or so people that I intended to talk to snowballed into phone call after phone call of friends wanting to share stories. Please forgive me if I left out someone’s name (or misspelled) in this email, but following is a list of who called or showed up at station (no particular order).

Boogie Blind, Daddy Dog, Roli Rho, Kuttin Kandi, Riz, JS-1, Jab, Sugar Cuts, Neil Armstrong, Fat Fingaz, Q-Bert, Mixmaster Mike, A-Trak, J-Rocc, Babu, Rhettmatic, Scratch, Revolution, Rahzel, Bobbito, A.G., Lord Finesse, Dr. Butcher, Vin Roc, DJ Grouch, Freestyle, Spictakular, Shortkut, Supreme and Tame One.

We ended up going an hour longer then we should have. In between calls I found some old cassette tapes of radio show appearances by the X-Men. I hope you enjoy listening to the show as much as I did. Thanks to the whole Halftime crew for making this run smooth; Skizz, Petey Cologne and Marz One. To everyone that showed up or called in….I love you all.

R.I.P. Grand Master Roc Raida. We’re going to miss you.

Download: The Halftime Show (DJ Roc Raida Tribute Set) – DJ Eclipse / Part 2 / Part 3

Dj Mixed Menace’s Menace II Sociecty #3

Alright so my man DJ Mixed Menace is back this week after taking a break to head down for HIN. This week is just a dope as last time around so burn on to a cd and throw into the ride in time for the Sunday Night Cruise. WinnipegWinterpeg Stand UP!

Download: DJ Mixed Menace – Menace II Society 3

Shouts to Zucru

Mr. Cee’s Biggie Tribute

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Mr. Cee is a man of his word. If you listened to the last Juan Ep where Mr. Cee came in and they chopped it up about Biggie then you already know about the infamous 4hr Biggie Tribute Mr. Cee did on Hot 97.. Well Mr. Cee promised to bring it to all the Juan Ep fans and here it is in all its 4 part glory!! Is it just me or does it feel like chirstmas I’m so pumped that this is being upped before mine is even done. Shout out to Ciph for uppin this over @ DONTGETGASSEDdotCOM

Download: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4