Mixtape: Jet Audio’s Stand Alone Complex

After a few leaks, Amalgam Digital presents Jet Audio’s Stand Alone Complex, produced entirely by Jet Audio with guest spots from Mickey Factz, Outasight, Danny!, Amanda Diva, 6th Sense, Naledge, Che Grand, Harlem’s Cash, Folk & Stress and more

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Donny Goines x Esso x Torae x Sha Stimuli x AC x Harlem’s Cash x Nero

Foundation Magazine held a photoshoot that went down the other day that featured a bunch of dope dudes such as Donny Goines, Esso, Torae, Sha Stimuli, AC, Harlem’s Cash and even a little cameo from Nero. Above is some footage of the dudes telling what they got going on and chopping it up amongst themselves and below is a track that has a good chunk of the MCs mentioned above, courtesy of Mike Waxx.

Download: How I Represent (Part 2) – AC, J. Conway, Nero, Harlem’s Cash & ESSO

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Mixtape: The Daytona 500 – The Kid Daytona

You can expect a couple more mixtapes to drop today, as well as one that I forgot to post (shouts to $B for reminding me) but for now, here goes Tona’s The Daytona 500

I along with Mick Boogie present to you, The Daytona 500.

Straight lyrics. All sampling “Nautilus” by Bob James. Word to Ghostface.

Production by 6th Sense, Ill Bomb, Double 0, Jet Audio, & The Government

Featuring Outasight, Harlem’s Cash, & 6th Sense.

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Mixtape: On My Way To Harlemwood 1.5 (No Drops) – Harlem’s Cash

I always love when they let loose mixtapes without the drops all over them, but the shitty part is that I gotta re-download something I already have, at least its always worth it. This time around On My Way To Harlemwood 1.5 by Harlem’s Cash (presented by illRoots) gets the no drops treatment. If you didn’t pick it up the first time around, here’s your perfect chance.

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Mixtape: On My Way To Harlemwood 1.5 – Harlem’s Cash

I messed with the first On My Way To Harlemwood mixtape pretty serious and now we bring you (a little late so be easy…) the second installment, On My Way To Harlemwood 1.5: Government Approved! featuring the likes of The Kid Daytona, Mickey Factz, 6th Sense, XV, Donny Goines, Shawn Chrystopher and more.

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