Video: Jay-Z on The Juan Epstein Morning Show

Now, if you’re a Juan Epstein head like Myself and Morph, then you would know that the two have been trying for quite the minute to get an interview w/ Hov. So I guess after making some calls and doing some shameless begging (no shots), they’ve finally got the interview. For those who don’t have the time to sit around and watch the video, you can download the audio by clicking here. For the rest of us, there’s more after the jump… Continue reading

Video: Juan Epstein @ 50 Cent Video Shoot

Put Ciph and Pete anywhere with a camera (pause) and they’ll manage to make a quality video. This time around the boys of Juan Ep boys raid 50’s video shoot for OK, You’re Right produced by Dr. Dre. Hit the jump for another video after the jump that features Lloyd Banks and some ladies… Continue reading

Video: Reflection Eternal on Juan Epstein

I can’t wait to hear this edition of Ciph and Pete’s Juan Ep podcast, with Kweli and Hi-Tek on it, its sure to be straight fire… although I’m a little (see: 5 or 6 episodes..) behind, I’ll need to do a little catching up. Anyway, in the clip above Talib & Hi-Tek go in over some classic RE shit while on air with Cipha Sounds & Peter Rosenberg for the first ever live performance on the Juan Epstein podcast.