Video: Torae x Skyzoo Cover Classics Live @ VH1/Def Jam Pre Party

Above you can peep Tor & Sky performing the classic Red x Meth cut, Da Rockwilder and after the jump you can peep the two going in on Meth’s Bring The Pain right before doing some of their solo cuts… Continue reading


Sean P x3

You know what it is Sean Puyh off of Kimbo Price Steve Edit: Brought this back up to the top ’cause I added a cypher Jesus Price did with Industry Shakedown Radio with Timeless truth (above) and the interview (after the jump)

Download:Boostin Mobiles – Sean P
Download:Duckdown ft. Torae and Skyzoo – Sean P
Download:Megasean – Sean P

Interview after the jump… Continue reading