Don’t Charge Me For The Crime (Ft. Common) – The Jonas Brothers (…)

Euuyyyuuck (c) Pusha T. I’m not being biased because it’s The Jonas Brothers but come on… I gave it a chance with hopes of Common saving the song, you’ll just have to be the judge. All I have to say is that Common’s adlibs are pretty funny and if you thought I was gonna post a picture of the Jo Bros, you must be out of your mind. At least its not as left as M.O.P x LFO, remember that?

Download: Don’t Charge Me For The Crime (Ft. Common) – The Jonas Brothers

Video: Clip from Kanye West’s Alligator Boots

Vodpod videos no longer available.

WTF & HAHAHA @ the clip above. Apparently its from Kanye’s venture into television entitled “Alligator Boots”. I’d imagine it being on MTV2 or something of that nature, only time will tell. Its from Kanye and Rhymefest’s show run with ‘Crank Yankers’ Producers and last I heard was being shopped to Comedy Central for their 09 season. Shout out to H2G’s newest affiliate, Santo Angelo @ WDIR Mag.

Video: Logan’s Skinny Jeans

HAHAHA. Another Joe Budden TV classic. This time they’re in Saskatoon (Canada represent) and Joe has decided to interview the cook at the hotel they’re staying in, his jeans are extremely tight, this intrigues Budden, thus we have an interview. On the real though, skinny jeans are an epidemic in Canada..