Drake x Kanye x Lil Wayne x Eminem (No Tags)

No shit it actually dropped and it’s actually dope go figure.. Oh Em blacked the FUCK OUT on this (no racial)

Oh ya that’s Boi1da by the way since everybody will be arguing who had 2nd (see above) and so forth I figured I give the Canadian boy some props

Download: Forever ft. Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem – Drake

Not gonna front I seen OnSmash‘s Tweet
oh and I got this nice little bonus joint for you too

Bonus: Run This Town (GL MIX)

You’re Not My Girl (Remix) (Ft. Consequence) – Ryan Leslie

I probably should have just shuffled this into the last post I did that featured a Consequence guest spot but this is just too dope. The remix to Ryan Leslie’s You’re Not My Girl off of the upcoming mixtape, The Cons v6 King of Queens. As for the picture, she’s not my girl… but I wish she was.

Download: You’re Not My Girl (Remix) (Ft. Consequence) – Ryan Leslie