Hi Hater (Remix) – Maino Ft. T.I, Swizz Beatz, Plies, Jadakiss & Fabolous


Hi Haters! Its the remix of Maino’s single featuring Swizz Beatz, Plies, Jadakiss & Fabolous. Really, I’m only excited for Jada’s verse.

Hi Hater (Remix) – Maino Ft. T.I., Swizz Beatz, Plies, Jadakiss & Fabolous


Incredible x4

Incredible Instrumental

Mickey just sent me countless emails containing new Incredible freestyles and the instrumental (above) for all of you that have been fiending to jump on this beat as well. This is 4 of the 8 that will be leaking today so be sure to check back to see who else Mickey got to jump on this.


Theo & Loj performing Incredible on Crack Distributers Radio
Incredible – XV
Incredible – Nina B.
Incredible – A Smash
Incredible – Mr. Mecca

Leak #32: Going Nowhere & Dolla – Mickey Factz

This weeks installment came a little late but I ain’t mad. Finally leak 32 as decided by 2 leak fans, heres what the email had to say:

Tell the story from the point of view of a record (Vinyl) trying to get love in the huge era of CD’s (90’s) and how difficult it is for you to do so and the struggles of being quality but overlooked. Then transition to the same concept with CD’s and mp3s and downloads… – Kyle Connaro

I would like the next concept to be …. You as a dollar bill and what goes on as you pass hands… From drug dealers all the way to the big dogs in congress. Just an Idea… – Ricardo Santiago

Leak #32: Going Nowhere & Dolla – Mickey Factz