Roc Raida Tribute Mix – DJ Premier

After hearing DJ Eclipse going in for one of the GOATs, the DJ Premier blog brings us the tribute mix Preem dropped in memory of DJ Roc Raida…

As we all know about Roc Raida’s tragic passing last week, I could only do a tribute on my blog to honor him as a fan. Last night DJ Premier did his part. As a friend and as a pioneer. Of course I couldn’t let the people in the dark by not premiering it, so here we have another exclusive on the internet. Premo did his thing and remember this is for free, do not try to bootleg it for cash. I still got the MJ Tribute in the back of my head. Have fun and salute Grandmaster Roc Raida with DJ Premier and Panchi in the next hour, hip hop is life.

Download: Roc Raida Tribute Mix – DJ Premier

Video: DJ Premier Interview

In the final part of our conversation, Premo dropped some science about the origin of his HeadQuarterz studio with Charles The Mixologist, plans for the studio and how his collaboration with Method Man and Limp Bizkit happened. To say he was leery of working with Fred Durst may have been an understatement, but Durst’s legendary stubborness paid off. Props to Kevin Nottingham for hosting this series! For more, visit

State Your Game (Ft. Big Daddy Kane) (Prod. DJ Premier) – Deams

Uhm, if you aren’t excited to hear BDK rocking over some Preemo production, you must have a chemical imbalance in your brain… Off of Deams’ upcoming The Legacy EP which drops September 9th, your favorite blogger’s born-day. All praise to Bence for letting this loose. Sidebar: Does anyone know if Preem has ever worked with BDK while he was in his prime?

Download: State Your Game (Ft. Big Daddy Kane) (Prod. DJ Premier) – Deams

The Legacy Intro (Prod. DJ Premier) – Deams

Shouts to the, Deams is the first international artist of the Gang Starr Foundation, born and raised in The Netherlands

… more then ten years later Deams is finally having his debut EP “The Legacy”, you could say he almost did the same struggle as Percee P in a way. The EP has featurings like Jeru the Damaja, Big Daddy Kane, Ice-T, De La Soul and even more. He even got a beat by DJ Premier for his intro, who can say he has a intro by Premo with Preems voice and scratches on it? Man, this shit is going to be crazy. Specially for Europe! Support this shit, if you are going to buy the new Jay-Z album then you need to cop this album too haha. Judge yourself!

Download: The Legacy Intro (Prod. DJ Premier) – Deams