Props – Hiroller

Props to the homeboy Hiroller for sending this through, check what he had to say…

Today, i wanted to send you guys and outtake from my mixtape “The Premonition” which drops next tuesday, August 4th. Truthfully, i have so much outtakes i can do a mixtape which just that material. I wanted the mixtape to tell a story and i’m glad to say it does it in a way that nothing else does. Alot of rappers claim to have concept albums/mixtapes but this is how i think it should be done point blank look out for it on tuesday. This particular track is for fans of real hip-hop and lyricism. I looped the beginning of “Who got the props??” in protools and went off. As with all of my rhymes there is an abundance of double-entredres and slick talk. Pick your favorite line. My favorite is “Swag on your off like shoes in bed, and if you think yours on Batteries Dead”. This is real light though look out for more from me this week.

Hiroller’s The Premonition dropping August 4th. I think out outta here until a little later today, we’ll see what happens.

Download: Props – Hiroller

All Eyes On Me (Ft. Keri Hilson & Pharrell) – The Clipse [Final Mastered CDQ]

Right here is the album version of a song that was previously unfinished that was floating around the internets featuring Pharrell and the lovely Ms. Keri Hilson on the hook. It seems like KAWS will be handling all the artwork for The Clipse’s upcoming album, Till The Casket Drops which is dope to me.

Download: All Eyes On Me (Ft. Keri Hilson & Pharrell) – The Clipse [Final Mastered CDQ]